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Your Names Up in Lights!

If you have ever dreamed about having your new Mr & Mrs titles beamed up in lights, then this lightbeam is a must for your wedding day!

This powerful LED beam will project your clear and focused white image onto a wall or curtain.

You have the choice to personalise the light beam with your two initials, or maybe the date of your special day? Or perhaps you simply want the chance to show off your new titles in lights, beamed up onto the wall for all your guests to see.....

"Mr and Mrs Jones"

It is completely your choice.

You also have a choice of colour: White, Blue, Red, Yellow and Green.



"What on earth is a gobo?’ I hear you ask. It’s essentially like a stencil that can be placed over a light source to project an interesting effect, pattern or phrase on to walls and floors. Ruth has more: “We can use lighting gobos to transform the walls and dancefloor with a whole range of patterns to fit the venue and theme. These can also rotate into moving features around the walls and dancefloor. They can be personalised to project ‘Mr & Mrs’, say, or the couple’s names and wedding date. It really does look stunning and is always a talking point in the evening for your guests she says.''

Quoted in ''The Perfect Wedding'' Magazine July 14



Hire Price

Personalised Light Beam             £130

We offer a delivery and collection service, that is charged at 45p per mile and calculated on two return journeys. If your venue is within Chelmsford, we offer this service free of charge.

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